STEELASTIC® Extruded Steel Belt Systems

Give your tire manufacturing the edge with a versatile alternative to calendering.

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STEELASTIC leads the way with the highly flexible STEELASTIC® Steel Belt System, an extrusion-based, proven alternative to calendering and off-line tire manufacturing equipment. 

Innovative Methods for Modern Tire Manufacturers

With the STEELASTIC steel belt system, businesses have an innovative option that provides the same quality as calendering equipment, but with more flexibility and less capital investment.  

Now even smaller plants can have success manufacturing premium quality breaker and ply material for steel belted tires such as: 

If you are looking for high productivity and quality with minimal capital investment, STEELASTIC’s extrusion-based calenderless steel belt system makes it achievable. This process is also ideal for greenfield applications and factory expansions. 

Why use an extrusion-based calenderless system?

There are many reasons to use a calenderless system when manufacturing steel belt tires 

Efficient, High Capacity

With the STEELASTIC calenderless, extrusion-based system, you can manufacture up to 8,000 steel belt tires per day. Higher speed cut and splice operation also offer increased productivity. This type of efficiency makes the Steelastic belt cutter an excellent choice for productivity.  

Closed Loop Automation

Our calenderless system means less operator involvement. The steel belt system uses the latest measurement technologies, and the closed loop control locates and corrects imperfections quickly. 

Quick Changeovers

High flexibility enables multiple product codes per shift with fast changeovers. Automatic knife angle adjustment also contributes to speed of changeover. 

One-Stop Process

The extrusion-based, calenderless tire manufacturing system makes extrusion to wind-up a one stop process, eliminating additional handling and processing. The system allows you to gum edge and slit in line and requires only one operator per system. 

Enhanced Traceability

The STEELASTIC Extruded Steel Belt System offers full product inspection and traceability. 

Less Obtrusive Footprint

The smaller footprint, further reduced through parallel pick-and-place slicing, makes it more versatile. The lower operation noise level is another benefit for your manufacturing floor. 

 calenderless, extrusion-based steel belt tire production system from Steelastic

Is Our Steel Belt System Right for You?

If you want to learn more about the STEELASTIC extruded steel belt machine, complete our form at the top of this page, and we’ll send you our data sheet. You’ll get: 

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