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A flexible, process-proven alternative to calendering and off-line processing equipment

Steelastic Extruded Steel Belt System

Give your facility the edge with a highly flexible and versatile STEELASTIC® Belt System.

The STEELASTIC® Belt System is a proven alternative or addition to calendering equipment. The innovative and production-proven extrusion process is used to manufacture premium quality breaker and ply material for:

STEELASTIC® Extruded Steel Belt System: Key Benefits

  • High flexibility enables multiple product codes per shift with fast changeovers
  • One stop process from extrusion to wind-up eliminates additional handling and processing
  • Ability to gum edge and slit in line
  • Significantly smaller footprint and lower capital investment than the calendering process
  • Eliminates work in process materials and handling
  • Requires only one operator per system
  • Full product inspection and traceability

STEELASTIC® Extruded Steel Belt System: New in 2018

  • Fully automated process with belt inspection system allowing closed loop adjustment
  • Increased productivity via higher speed cut and splice operation
  • Recipe driven angle and belt width change
  • Further reduced footprint through parallel pick and place splicing system
  • Lower noise level operation
  • Enhanced product traceability

For more information on the Steelastic Extruded Steel Belt Machine, please download the Extruded Steel Belt Machine PDF Data Sheet.