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Off The Road Tire Manufacturing Systems

Ultimate Flexibility for the Next Generation of Tire Plants

STEELASTIC® Off the Road
Tire Manufacturing Systems

Increase your OTR component preparation quality, versatility and efficiency while reducing capital outlay, labor, maintenance cost and scrap. Featuring the STEELASTIC® proven extrusion technology along with precision downstream processing and material handling to deliver one stop solutions for OTR applications.

By design, our systems are aligned to the evolving needs of our customers:

  • Smaller, more flexible tire plants
  • Allows multiple product codes with fast changeover
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased automation and reduced operator dependence
  • Enhanced product traceability
  • Factory noise reduction / abatement

OTR Manufacturing Systems Include:

Extruded Radial Steel Belt and Ply Systems
Enhanced flexibility and versatility with process proven STEELASTIC® Extruded Radial Steel Belt and Ply Systems. Maintain precision cord spacing, gauge control and superior overall dimensional stability of steel reinforced rubber belt.
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Extruded Steel/Textile Body Ply System
The STEELASTIC® Extruded Steel/Textile Body Ply System makes it possible to produce steel or textile body ply material without the use of a calender. Precision extrusion and splicing technology combine to produce premium quality body ply material for your TBR, OTR, PCR, aircraft or specialty application.
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Extruded Cap Strip Systems
The STEELASTIC® Cap Strip System is a highly controlled process delivering precision cord spacing, full cord encapsulation, and no cut cords. The system also significantly reduces capital expense, labor, scrap, work in process and provides greater scheduling flexibility.
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