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Co-op Opportunities
STEELASTIC® partners with area colleges and hires students to participate in our Cooperative Education Program (Co-op).

The Co-op program offers an opportunity for students to apply ideas learned at school to real situations, provides the students with knowledge and skills required to become successful in their chosen career field and assists students in preparing for work after graduation. Our Co-op program is a 3-5 month assignment through paid employment and each Co-op is paired with a mentor to assist them in their transformation from a student into a professional. The students are required to create a presentation demonstrating what they have learned during their Co-op assignment which is presented to the Management Team and are asked to evaluate their mentor at the end of their assignment, which in turn is used as an on-going evaluation of our Cooperative Education Program.

Interested students please contact STEELASTIC® 330-633-0505.

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