Our calenderless systems provide a flexible alternative to traditional calendering and off-line processing for all tire reinforcement components. See the difference a Steelastic system can make in your tire component production by scheduling a free trial run at our manufacturing facility.

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Go Calenderless with Your Tire Manufacturing

Calendarless Tire Manufacturing Cell

The future of tire manufacturing is here — and it’s calenderless. With Steelastic equipment, you can produce steel belt, body ply, and cap strip materials without the need for traditional calendering or offline cutting and processing equipment.

Our fully extrusion-based systems run with a single operator in an end-to-end processing line for reinforced tire component production. By eliminating the need for bulky and expensive calendering equipment, you can profitably manufacture shorter runs of multiple SKUs, as production demands change, or you can easily add capacity to your existing line. Whether you’re manufacturing passenger, truck, off-the-road, motorcycle, or aircraft tires, our systems enable a more nimble, cost-effective operation.

Discover the Advantages

  • Increased flexibility
  • Advanced automation
  • Smaller footprint
  • Improved efficiency

Schedule a Free Trial at Our Facility

Discover how our calenderless systems can improve your tire component production. Schedule a trial production run at our headquarters in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. We have a dedicated Calenderless Manufacturing Cell, where we allow tire manufacturers to conduct trials using their own materials to produce components to their own specifications. After the trial, your finished materials are packed and shipped to your premises for tire building, testing and validation.

Contact us to schedule your free trial.

Calenderless Manufacturing Cell Machine Specs

System (in-house)Capacity (m/day)Max. EPI**Strip GaugeWire/Cord GaugeAngleWidth
Steel Belt / Breaker8,0001 / (Cord Dia + 0.012")0.58-2mm [0.02-0.079"]0.254-1.82mm [0.01-0.072"]18-90°50.8-508mm [2-20"]
Textile & Steel Body Ply5,5001 / (Cord Dia + 0.012")0.58-2mm [0.02-0.079"]0.254-1.82mm [0.01-0.072"]85-90°101.6-1016mm [4-40"]
Cap Strip(12 wind-up stations)600,000*1 / (Cord Dia + 0.012")0.58-2mm [0.02-0.079"]0.254-1.82mm [0.01-0.072"]n/a6.35-25.4mm [0.25-1"]
* Depending on number of wind-up stations.
** Depending on cord diameter, given by formula.