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Get critical components for Steelastic machinery when you need them. Partner with our team, the experts in Steelastic parts, to stay optimized for productivity.

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Steelastic Parts

Steelastic is your partner for productivity in tire manufacturing. We’re dedicated to uptime, reliably providing Steelastic parts and critical components.

We work with you to maintain the right level of critical spares and help you handle breakdown maintenance quickly as possible. We also can help you access new tooling and even design and manufacture semi-custom parts for your systems.

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Critical and Recommended Steelastic Spares

Steelastic can help keep your stockroom efficient. We’ll plan your inventory of critical spares, so you won’t lose productivity when you need important, high-wear items.

We also provide expertise in recommended spares, equipping you with the most needed preventative maintenance parts. Replacing recommended spares, on schedule, helps maintain production.

We offer both BSN and ASN critical spares and recommended spares.

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Aftermarket parts

Guide to Ordering Critical Spares

Knowing how to identify the part you need helps expedite the ordering process. We can help you. Some tips:

  • Start with the machine number, which is found on the machine tag typically located on the main electrical panel
  • If applicable, pull critical information off the manufacturer name plate
  • Take photos of any manufacturing information located on the critical spare part you’re replacing
  • If available, look at the bill of materials in your manual to find the sub-assembly and part number

If you cannot determine this information, contact us for assistance.

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Need an Assembly Rebuilt?

Steelastic offers knife rebuilds, chuck rebuilds and guide rebuilds

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