Steelastic System Applications


Tire manufacturing has become more complex, as plants adapt to advancing technology and growing production demands. Steelastic helps you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re manufacturing passenger car, truck or bus, off-the-road or aircraft tires, we provide the all-in-one manufacturing systems you need for your application.

Our tire component production equipment includes Extruded Steel Belt, Extruded Cap Strip, Extruded Steel/Textile Body Ply and Apex systems. Using extrusion-based technology, our systems eliminate the need for traditional calendering equipment, which lowers your capital outlay and offers greater flexibility for your tire component production. Learn more about our applications below and contact us to request a quote.

Passenger Car Radial Tire Systems

Passenger car radial (PCR) tire systems rely on quality, versatility and efficiency. That’s why the top 20 global tire manufacturers use Steelastic PCR systems extensively in their production.
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Passenger Car Radial Tire Systems

Truck / Bus Radial Tire Systems

In the truck and bus radial (TBR) tire market, large increases in tire codes call for an extremely flexible manufacturing process. Steelastic Belt and Cap Strip systems offer the ideal solution.
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Truck/Bus Radial Tire Systems

Off-The-Road Tire Systems

Steelastic off-the-road (OTR) tire systems provide faster changeovers, allowing you to profitablity produce a wide-range of steel and textile tire components in small batch sizes.
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Off-The-Road Tire Systems

Aircraft Tire Systems

Steelastic’s aircraft tire systems provide precise, quality tire component production with unmatched consistency and repeatability, adhering to strict industry requirements.
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Aircraft tire systems