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STEELASTIC® “Calenderless”
Tire Manufacturing Cell

A flexible alternative to calendering and off-line processing
for all tire reinforcement components

“Steelastic continues to invest heavily in the future of tire manufacturing so tire manufacturers can profitably transition their business models to better serve their own customers”

– Ian Dennis, President, Steelastic LLC

Steelastic’s “calenderless” tire manufacturing cell consists of tire component preparation systems capable of producing all of the reinforcement components utilized in modern tires. This dedicated cell is allowing tire manufacturers to conduct trials, using their own materials, to produce components to their own specifications. Finished materials are then packed and shipped to the customers premises for tire building, testing and validation.

These dedicated machines can produce steel belt/breaker, steel or textile body ply, and steel or textile strip materials in single operator, end to end processing lines, that eliminate the requirement for calendering and offline cutting/processing equipment.

This fully extrusion based technology provides unrivaled flexibility, automation, efficiency, and traceability. It is highly suited to the multi SKU, lower batch size, manufacturing environment of the future. Calenderless manufacturing of reinforced tire components enables profitable lower capacity tire manufacturing, with plants located where the tire demand exists.

Calenderless Manufacturing Cell Machine Specs

System (in-house)Capacity (m/day)Max. EPI**Strip GaugeWire/Cord GaugeAngleWidth
Steel Belt / Breaker8,0001 / (Cord Dia + 0.012")0.58-2mm [0.02-0.079"]0.254-1.82mm [0.01-0.072"]18-90°50.8-508mm [2-20"]
Textile & Steel Body Ply5,5001 / (Cord Dia + 0.012")0.58-2mm [0.02-0.079"]0.254-1.82mm [0.01-0.072"]85-90°101.6-1016mm [4-40"]
Cap Strip(12 wind-up stations)600,000*1 / (Cord Dia + 0.012")0.58-2mm [0.02-0.079"]0.254-1.82mm [0.01-0.072"]n/a6.35-25.4mm [0.25-1"]
* Depending on number of wind-up stations.
** Depending on cord diameter, given by formula.

You can conduct your own trials in our “calenderless” tire manufacturing cell located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

  1. Call +1 (330) 633-0505 or email gocalenderless@steelastic.com and schedule dates to conduct trials
  2. Provide materials specifications
  3. Send raw materials to Steelastic
  4. Visit our “calenderless” tire manufacturing cell to witness reinforced tire component material being produced
  5. Ship the materials to the desired plant for tire building, testing and validation of the “calenderless” process