Increasing tire codes demand flexibility in your manufacturing

STEELASTIC® Truck / Bus Radial (TBR) Tire Systems

Steelastic Truck/Bus Radial Tire Systems

Commercial truck and bus radial (TBR) tire manufacturing plants are evolving, as the market shifts to lighter, more fuel-efficient tires. Steetlastic TBR systems provide the flexibility to produce tire reinforcement components that meet your cord and gauge requirements.

Our extrusion-based, calenderless systems for truck and bus tire equipment produce steel belt, body ply and cap strip with very thin, consistent gauges. Unlike the traditional calendering process, our precise cord placement prevents gaps and overlaps in your steel belt.

Our TBR material systems are highly automated, reducing operator dependence and labor costs at your manufacturing facility. Our standalone and combination systems require less material handling and production downtime, allowing you to run multiple product codes with faster changeovers. Contact us to request a quote for your TBR system.

TBR Material Manufacturing Systems:

Extruded Radial Steel Belt Systems

Steelastic Extruded Radial Steel Belt Systems maintain precision cord spacing, gauge control and superior overall dimensional stability of steel reinforced rubber belt – a critical requirement for TBR manufacturing.
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Steelastic Extruded Radial Steel Belt Systems ​for Truck/Bus Radial Tire Systems

Extruded Steel Body Ply System

Using innovative extrusion and splicing technology, the Steelastic Extruded Body Ply System makes it possible to produce steel body ply material for your TBR application without a traditional calender.
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Steelastic Extruded Steel Body Ply System ​for Truck/Bus Radial Tire Systems

Extruded Cap Strip Systems

The Steelastic Cap Strip System reduces your scrap material costs by providing full cord encapsulation. This highly controlled process ensures precise, consistent steel cord spacing, without frayed or cut cords.
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Steelastic Extruded Cap Strip Systems for Truck/Bus Radial Tire Systems