Tire Component Production Equipment

Experience the revolution in tire component manufacturing with a smaller, more nimble production system. Steelastic systems produce all of the reinforcement components utilized in modern tires without the need for expensive, inflexible rubber calendering equipment.


STEELASTIC Tire Component Manufacturing Systems

Using our breakthrough calenderless technology, Steelastic Belt, Body Ply, Cap Strip, and Apex systems offer enhanced automation, increased flexibility and superior quality for your tire component production. Designed for fast changeovers, our tire component production equipment is ideal for manufacturing shorter runs of multiple SKUs. We provide standalone systems and combination systems customized to your project needs and specifications. Explore our equipment capabilities below and contact us to learn more.

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Extruded Steel Belt System for Tire Component Production Equipment

Extruded Steel Belt Systems

Gain enhanced flexibility and versatility with our process proven Steelastic Extruded Steel Belt Systems. Maintain precision cord spacing, gauge control and superior overall dimensional stability of steel reinforced rubber belt.
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Extruded Textile Body Ply System for Tire Component Production Equipment

Extruded Textile Body Ply Systems

The Steelastic Extruded Textile Body Ply System makes it possible to produce textile body ply material without the use of a calender. Precision extrusion and splicing technology combine to produce premium quality body ply material for your PCR, aircraft or specialty application.
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Extruded Cap Strip System for Tire Component Production Equipment

Extruded Cap Strip Systems

The Steelastic Cap Strip System is a highly controlled process delivering precision cord spacing, full cord encapsulation, and no cut cords. The system streamlines your manufacturing process by significantly reducing your capital expense, labor and scrap, while providing greater flexibility in scheduling.
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Steelastic Apex Application System

Automation Apex Systems

The Steelastic Apex Application System was the first system developed to automatically extrude, form and apply rubber apex onto a tire bead. The system continues to be enhanced with robotic handling solutions and vision-based inspection technology to meet the tightest quality and throughput requirements of the global tire market.
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360° Bead Apex Inspection System

360° Bead Apex Inspection System

The Steelastic 360° Bead Apex Inspection System ensures precise uniformity and defect-free apexed beads prior to passing these components through to the tire-build process. This two-sided, automatic and traceable system visually scans for defect anomalies and helps to eliminate unnecessary costs of scrap tires.
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Tire Gum Edging Systems

Tire Gum Edging Systems

Are your tires not meeting quality control issues due to failed tire gum edging? At Steelastic, we’ve got a solution. As industry leaders in tire manufacturing equipment, we’ve developed a cutting-edge gum edging system that exceeds industry standards in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness.
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