Steelastic Field Service, Machine Audits & PMOP

We partner with you to maximize production and maintain your tire manufacturing equipment with expert Steelastic machine audits, field service and our comprehensive preventative maintenance program.

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Steelastic helps you optimize performance and maximize ROI on your capital equipment.

When you purchase Steelastic tire component manufacturing equipment, you also have access to ongoing services and support from our Steelastic technicians. These services are an important part of our relationship with our customers.

Steelastic Field Service

Steelastic Field Service

What is field service?

With Steelastic field service, we bring our expert service team to you. We help you maintain your tire manufacturing equipment for peak performance and offer the convenience of having an experienced Steelastic field service technician onsite. 


Our field service team is responsive and skilled – ready to address any needs, including training. While on-site, a Steelastic field service technician will work with your manufacturing machine maintenance team to provide start-up commissioning, relocation or comprehensive diagnostics regarding performance. Steelastic field service benefits: 

  • World-class field service developed from years of experience
  • Unparalleled technical knowledge about Steelastic products
  • Specific recommendations for your Steelastic machines regarding upgrades and preventative maintenance
  • Skilled training for Steelastic equipment

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Steelastic Machine Audits

Steelastic employee conducting a machine audit


Steelastic offers machine audits to proactively address any issues and as an opportunity to identify needed critical parts to keep on hand to avoid downtime. With a machine audit, you can have expert advice about upgrades, so you’ll have the right information to make decisions about repair or replacement.

Benefits of Steelastic Machine Audits

As the only manufacturer of genuine Steelastic parts, we’re uniquely suited to provide machine audits and recommendations to increase efficiency, lower production costs, maintain quality and extend the life span of your tire and rubber machinery.

Steelastic equipment audit includes:

  • Detailed evaluation of the working condition of all critical tire manufacturing machine components
  • Identification of critical spare parts to avoid costly down time
  • Specific recommendations for your machines regarding preventative maintenance, as well as expert advice on where to focus efforts and budget in order to return older machines to the best possible condition
  • Skilled training to address any unnecessary wear and identify best practices to avoid it in the future

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Preventative Maintenance Optimization Program (PMOP)

Preventative Maintenance Optimization Program (PMOP)

What is PMOP?

Steelastic Preventative Maintenance Optimization Program (PMOP) is an economical way to assure the highest performance and optimum system reliability for the life of your equipment.

Steelastic field service engineers offer audits to develop our recommendations for a preventative maintenance program specific to your machinery. After the audit, we provide a summary, which serves as the basis for your Preventative Maintenance Optimization Program (PMOP). This preventative maintenance optimization is designed to fit your individual needs.

We also offer discounts on training and discounts on spare parts bought within 30 days of the audit.


With preventative maintenance optimization, you will have regularly scheduled attention from Steelastic field service technicians. You’ll get proactive maintenance regularly based on your equipment and operational objectives. 

PMOP benefits include:

  • Forecasted maintenance costs per machine
  • Downtime reduction
  • Fixed service pricing for the term of the contract
  • Extended life of equipment
  • Documented service history

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Looking for Rebuild Options, Upgrades or Retrofits?

We provide machine rebuilds, upgrades and retrofits for installed equipment to help you increase capacity and efficiency.

A member of our aftermarket support team will respond to your message within one business day.


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