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Go "Calenderless"


The tire industry is evolving at a rate never before seen… There is a relentless drive for increased flexibility, automation, efficiency and traceability in tire manufacturing equipment. Coupled with a growing need to build smaller capacity, multi-SKU tire plants with lower capital outlays, the answer for tiremakers is clear:


STEELASTIC offers a break-through range of extrusion-based tire component prep technologies, allowing tiremakers to operate nimble and cost-effective, “calenderless” manufacturing cells—for the first time! 

Our processes for belt/breaker, body ply, cap strip, and inner liner eliminate the need for expensive and inflexible calendering and off-line processing equipment.

Based on our 50 years of meticulous design and precise production (which also includes automatic apexing capabilities), STEELASTIC is the fuel igniting the “Go Calenderless” revolution in the tire-making industry, allowing tiremakers to now profitably manufacture shorter runs of multiple SKUs—for passenger, truck, bus, off-road, aircraft and motorcycle tires.

We are currently inviting tire manufacturers to test run materials at our U.S.-based “calenderless” manufacturing cell to produce the full range of tire reinforcement components. Schedule your trial today! Call +1 (330) 633-0505 or email gocalenderless@steelastic.com.