6 Ways Steelastic’s Calenderless Component Preparation Equipment is being utilized by Leading Tire Manufacturers

Steelastic Next Gen Belt tooling making pick and place of extruded steel belt material

It true to say that calendering has been a tried-and-true process for the tire manufacturing industry for decades. But like most things, when the customers’ needs change, the approach needs to change as well.  

That’s where Steelastic comes in. 

For more than 50 years, Steelastic has provided cutting-edge tire component preparation technology for reinfoced tire components such as steel belt, body ply and cap strip. Steelastic’s equipment portfolio has been utilized by almost all leading tire manufacturers as a genuine alternative to calendering and offline processing.   

But is it the right choice for your tire manufacturing plant? In this article, we will explore several ways that leading tire manufacturers are utilizing Steelastic’s calenderless tire component preparation equipment portfolio to meet their needs. 

But first, what is calenderless, extrusion-based, tire component preparation? 

Unlike the tire calendering process, calenderless tire manufacturing uses an extrusion-based system to manufacture tire components, such as the belt, body ply, and cap strip, from creel to wind-up in one production process. By utilizing advanced technology and engineering expertise, Steelastic has developed an automated extrusion system that significantly increases flexibility, while reducing downtime and waste. 

Let’s dive in and explore the many ways in which leading tire manufacturers are utilizing Steelastic’s extrusion-based equipment portfolio?  

Starting a New Tire Plant? 

When starting a new tire plant, minimizing capital investment while maximizing returns is crucial. Steelastic’s calenderless, extrusion-based systems offer a cost-effective solution that provides a quicker return on investment (ROI) than traditional calendering and offline processing equipment. With reduced capital requirements and enhanced flexibility, you can jumpstart your new plant with confidence knowing that your capital outlay is aligned closely with production capacity. 

Need to expand capacity?  

As your tire manufacturing business expands, so does the need for increased capacity. One key benefit of Steelastic’s extrusion-based systems is their ability to add production capacity and flexibility in a modular fashion as capacity requirements increase.  In contrast, adding additional calendering and offline processing capacity can involve significant capital outlay that often cannot be justified, and can leave tire manufacturers with unused production capacity and flexibility constraints. 

Looking for increased flexibility? 

In today’s fast-paced market, customer demands for tire types are constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the competition, you need a production system that offers the flexibility to quickly adapt and respond. Thats why so many leading tire manufacturers trust Steelastic’s extrusion-based technology to efficiently produce a wide range of tire types. At Steelastic, we’ll ensure you can meet changing customer demands without compromising on quality. 

Dealing with aging calender assets? 

Over time, calender assets in your tire manufacturing plant naturally age, impacting their efficiency and overall performance. Instead of investing in costly repairs or replacements, it may be time to consider a change to a more flexible and cost-effective solution. By adopting Steelastic’s extrusion-based system, you can replace outdated calendering equipment with state-of-the-art technology that offers enhanced flexibility, efficiency, and quality. 

Eliminate Insourcing of Calendered Material? 

If your tire manufacturing plant is still insourcing calendered material, it may be time to take full control of your tire component needs and eliminate the logistics of insourcing, storing and processing calendered rolls.  Steelastic’s innovative extrusion-based technology is used to produce all belt, body ply and cap strip tire components in-house, enabling tire manufacturers to respond more quickly to customer demand.  

Improving Quality?  

If tires utilizing calendered material are struggling to meet the quality required by your customers, it’s time to consider an alternative approach. Many tire manufacturers have adopted Steelastic’s extrusion-based machines to produce original equipment (OE) tires, as they offer superior quality compared to calendering and off-line processing of reinforced tire components. By leveraging Steelastic’s technology across your production line, you can ensure consistent high quality throughout your tire manufacturing process. 

Explore Steelastic’s Extrusion-Based Tire Manufacturing Equipment  

Steelastic’s innovative solutions have revolutionized tire manufacturing by driving efficiency, reducing waste and providing unrivaled flexibility. Contact us to learn more about Steelastic’s extrusion-based tire component manufacturing systems.