7 Ways That a Rubber Extruder is Used in Everyday Life

Rubber Extruder

Rubber extruders are extremely useful pieces of machinery that can be used in a variety of applications. From creating custom gaskets to creating rubber seals, there are many everyday products that are manufactured by rubber extruders. Here, we’ll explore 7 products that are used daily.

1.    Tires

In automobile manufacturing, rubber extruders are used to create tires components. One application that they are used in is to form a continuous rubber strand of a specific width and thickness for the tread of the tire.  Often times multiple extruders are used to combine different rubbers into very specific tread profiles to offer the ultimate tire ride as well as durability.

The quality of the extrusion process is essential for the safe and reliable operation of a vehicle. At Steelastic, we utilize rubber extruders for calenderless tire manufacturing. This innovative process saves time, materials and labor when manufacturing tires.

2.    Windows

In the construction industry, rubber extruders are often used to make seals for windows, doors, and other items that need to be airtight. The rubber seals made by the extruder can be used to help reduce drafts and improve insulation, as well as create an aesthetically pleasing look. Additionally, rubber seals can be used to reduce noise levels and create better soundproofing. The rubber seals made through the extrusion process can also be used to protect against dust, wind and moisture.

3.  Manufacturing

Rubber extruders are used to create custom parts for machinery that needs to function in specific ways. This is often done to improve the safety and efficiency of the machinery. These components can include seals or gaskets.

The extrusion process shapes the rubber into the desired shape and size, to ensure that the parts are accurately sized and shaped to fit for optimal performance. The rubber extruder also helps to reduce material waste and manufacturing time, making it an efficient and cost-effective way to create custom parts for machinery.

4.    Medical Devices

In hospitals, you can find tubes and custom seals for medical devices

5.    Footwear

Did you know that custom soles for shoes are made from rubber extruders? Through this process, manufacturers can create highly customized soles that provide the perfect combination of cushioning, support, flexibility, and durability. This helps to ensure that the shoe will provide the necessary comfort and support to the wearer while they are walking or running.

Additionally, rubber extruders can be used to create soles with special features, such as grooves or treads, that can further enhance the performance of the shoe. This makes rubber extruders an invaluable tool for shoe manufacturers, as they allow them to create the perfect sole for any type of shoe.

6. Sport Equipment

Rubber extruders are used in sports equipment to form rubber grips, such as handles on golf clubs, tennis rackets, and bicycle handlebars. The rubber can also be used to make protective padding for sports helmets, padding for shoes, providing both comfort and safety.

7.    Toys

Rubber extruders are used to create rubber components for children’s toys, such as rubber handles for toy vehicles, rubber wheels for toy cars and rubber tubing for water guns. The rubber components are then incorporated into the final product, such as a plastic car with rubber tires. In addition, rubber extruders are also used to create rubber stoppers and seals for toy containers, such as those used to store plastic blocks or stuffed animals.

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Overall, rubber extruders provide versatile and value products for our everyday life. From automotive parts to medical equipment, people around the world benefit from rubber extruders. Learn more about the rubber extrusion process at Steelastic. Visit our website and learn how we lead the way forward with tire technology.