Steetlastic: Trusted Around the World

Across borders, cultures and languages, Steelastic is a trusted name in the tire industry. Steelastic has built tire manufacturing equipment for more than 50 years. Known for their exceptional reliability, many of their initial generation of machines commissioned in the 1970s are still running strong. Today, they have 900 machines operating in more than 55 countries on five continents.  

This blog post will explore where Steelastic is present and why companies around the world trust Steelastic for their tire component manufacturing equipment.  

Supporting the tire industry around the world 

North America

Founded in 1970 by Sterling W. Alderfer, Steelastic began in the United States, forming close partnerships with tire manufacturing companies in the Midwest. Headquartered in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Steelastic understands the challenges in the recruitment and retention of operational and maintenance resources in tire plants. In markets with a high turnover rate, Steelastic’s easy-to-operate calenderless equipment enables operators to be fully trained in as little as 2-3 months. (Traditional calendering equipment can take up to six months’ training.)  

For this reason, Steelastic has built name recognition and trust in the North American market.  

South America 

In countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia, and Costa Rica, Steelastic has developed strong and lasting partnerships. Steelastic is a popular choice, because of its unrivaled flexibility, lower capital outlay, and ease of operation. This allows tire manufacturers in the region to benefit from a much lower total cost of ownership of their tire manufacturing equipment. 


Customers in the region are fast understanding the benefits of Steelastic’s calenderless tire component manufacturing equipment versus the larger, more costly and less flexible, calendering equipment. 


Steelastic has excellent, long-standing relationships with the leading tire manufacturers in Europe.  In recent times, several of the larger players have partnered with Steelastic during the development of its calenderless tire component equipment. These partnerships are now resulting in Europe being a major growth area for Steelastic’s product portfolio.

Why trust Steelastic? 

Over the past 50 years, Steelastic has built a reputation for trust and reliability. Each of their decisions is built around the following three principles:  


Steelastic’s business strategy is different than most manufacturing companies. When they sell equipment, they come alongside to become true partners in their business. They’ll listen to their needs, adapt and support their customers as true partners in business.  


When Steelastic developed its calenderless tire component machine portfolio, it built it to support the rubber industry’s diverse and ever-changing needs. In particular, the large growth in tire SKUs is driving the need for significantly more flexible manufacturing equipment. 

Field Support  

Even though Steelastic has built a reputation for dependability and reliability, problems can still arise. Steelastic is dedicated to showing up for its partners, and to supporting them with field service, machine audits, preventative maintenance or training when they need it most. When you choose Steelastic, you’re choosing a partner you can count on.

Ready to learn more? 

Deciding on a supplier for your tire manufacturing equipment is a big decision. We understand that. But if you’re ready to learn more, contact us for a no-pressure conversation. We’re here to learn about your business, your needs, and how we can support you. Contact us today!

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5 Ways Steelastic Provides Post-Sale Support

Steelastic employees training in tire component production

Steelastic is your partner for tire component manufacturing equipment. Our breakthrough process has reinvented traditional tire component production.  

But our partnership with our customers extends well beyond the sale of equipment. To optimize your performance and maximize your investment, we offer a range of after-sale services and support, including field service, machine audits, a preventative maintenance program, upgrades and retrofits and aftermarket parts.  

If you need industrial equipment maintenance for your tire component manufacturing systems, you can count on Steelastic.  

1. Field Service

Our field service brings our service team, and their unparalleled knowledge of Steelastic equipment, to you. We help you reach peak performance with specific recommendations for your machines regarding upgrades and preventative maintenance. Having a Steelastic field service technician onsite is convenient, and we can handle:  

  • Start-up commissioning 
  • Relocation 
  • Comprehensive diagnostics 
  • Training 

Find out how Steelastic field service can help you stay productive.

2. Machine Audits 

Steelastic is uniquely suited to provide machine audits for our equipment. After all, we’re the only manufacturer of genuine Steelastic parts. With our machine audits, we offer recommendations on ways to: 

  • Increase your efficiency 
  • Lower production costs 
  • Maximize quality  
  • Extend the lifespan of your tire component machinery 

When Steelastic technicians inspect your machinery, we give you a detailed evaluation of critical components, identify critical spare parts to avoid downtime, and make specific recommendations to improve the performance of your machine. We also offer skilled operation and maintenance training to upskill your team and ensure best practices are embedded.  

Get your machine audits scheduled today.

3. Preventative Maintenance Optimization Program (PMOP) 

What is PMOP? PMOP stands for Preventative Maintenance Program, and it’s an economical way to assure the highest performance for the life of your tire component manufacturing equipment.  

Your preventative maintenance program is based on recommendations specific for your machinery that are made by our field service engineers during our machine audits. This means your preventative maintenance program will fit your exact needs.  

With PMOP from Steelastic, you get regularly scheduled visits and proactive maintenance from our field service technicians, including: 

  • Forecasted maintenance costs per machine 
  • Downtime reduction 
  • Fixed service pricing for the term of the contract 
  • Extended life of equipment 
  • Documented service history 

Talk to us about PMOP and start to see the benefits of manufacturing equipment maintenance from Steelastic.

4. Upgrades, Retrofits and Rebuilds  

We build Steelastic machines to last, and upgrades, retrofits and rebuilds help make that happen. We offer several packaged upgrades that enhance flexibility, automation, traceability and efficiency.  

You’ll find component upgrades such as our cooling drum accumulator, strip gauge monitoring system, pressure follower controller, automatic belt width adjustment tooling and 360-degree bead apex inspection system.  

We can also provide customized solutions that extend the lifespan of your machinery, whether you need a single-module retrofit or a full-system rebuild.  

Steelastic systems are built to last, and with our upgrades, retrofits and rebuilds, you have a cost-effective way to further extend the life of your machinery.

5. Steelastic Parts 

If you need parts for your tire component manufacturing equipment, you want genuine Steelastic parts. We can help you stock the right number of critical spares, so you handle both preventative and breakdown maintenance as effectively as possible.  

Critical spares and recommended parts help keep your stockroom efficient, so you can quickly replace high-wear items without losing productivity. When you partner with Steelastic, you stay optimized and reduce downtime.  

We can even design and manufacture semi-custom parts for your systems. 

Get genuine Steelastic parts for your machinery. 

Get the Support You Need for Tire Component Production 

If you want support for your tire component equipment after the sale, talk to Steelastic. We’re your partners through the lifetime of your machinery, and we’re ready to help you optimize your ROI. 

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Optimize Tire Performance with Gum Edged Steel Belt

A small amount of friction on your steel-belted tire can lead to big problems. Steel belts in a tire are crucial to maintaining its shape and stability. Even a little bit of friction can cause them to deteriorate more quickly, reducing the performance and longevity of the tire.  

Many new tire manufacturing specifications require the addition of a gum strip to minimize the risk of friction. But even so, not all steel-belted tires are created equal.  

As steel belts have become thinner to minimize rolling resistance, they are typically stretched during the gum edge application process with legacy equipment.  Stretching can narrow the belt and change the bias angle, as well as affecting the gum edging placement accuracy.   Typically, in order to limit these affects the equipment must be operated at a slower production rate which minimizes production outputs.   

At Steelastic, we are committed to finding innovative solutions that move your tire production forward. In doing so, we’re excited to offer our range of hot and cold gum edging systems. 

What is Gum Edging? 

Gum edging is the rubber strip that adheres to the edge of a tire’s steel belt, either top applied or wrapped around the edge of the belt. The rubber strip, or gum edge, protects the steel from friction that creates heat and wear and tear on the tire.  Gum edging is also applied in some tire specifications to textile body ply material. 

“It’s a small component that has big ramifications for the industry,” said Bob Irwin, Steelastic’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  

Benefits of Gum Edging on Steel Belts 


The gum layer’s main purpose is to provide a surface to which the tire’s outer rubber layers can adhere. This ensures a strong bond between the steel belts and the rubber, which is crucial for the structural integrity and performance of the tire. 


The gum layer helps protect the steel belts from corrosion, abrasion, and other forms of damage. This is particularly important in ensuring the longevity and durability of the tire, especially in harsh operating conditions. 

Smooth Transition 

The gum layer provides a smooth transition between the steel belts and the rubber tread, reducing stress concentrations and improving the overall ride comfort and handling characteristics of the tire. 

The Future is Now  

Steelastic’s Hot & Cold Gum Edging system has been continually enhanced over the last ten years and provides unrivalled quality, flexibility and operability to leading tire manufacturers globally.  

Tire plants can incorporate Steelastic’s gum edging systems into their current extrusion lines or specify them when buying new extrusion-based tire component manufacturing equipment. This allows tire manufacturers to keep pace with modern tire manufacturing trends as the tire industry continues to evolve.  

Reach Out to the Tire Experts  

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your tires, explore Steelatic’s gum edging systems. To visit our facilities and see our gum edging systems in action, contact us today.  

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