Optimize Tire Performance with Gum Edged Steel Belt

A small amount of friction on your steel-belted tire can lead to big problems. Steel belts in a tire are crucial to maintaining its shape and stability. Even a little bit of friction can cause them to deteriorate more quickly, reducing the performance and longevity of the tire.  

Many new tire manufacturing specifications require the addition of a gum strip to minimize the risk of friction. But even so, not all steel-belted tires are created equal.  

As steel belts have become thinner to minimize rolling resistance, they are typically stretched during the gum edge application process with legacy equipment.  Stretching can narrow the belt and change the bias angle, as well as affecting the gum edging placement accuracy.   Typically, in order to limit these affects the equipment must be operated at a slower production rate which minimizes production outputs.   

At Steelastic, we are committed to finding innovative solutions that move your tire production forward. In doing so, we’re excited to offer our range of hot and cold gum edging systems. 

What is Gum Edging? 

Gum edging is the rubber strip that adheres to the edge of a tire’s steel belt, either top applied or wrapped around the edge of the belt. The rubber strip, or gum edge, protects the steel from friction that creates heat and wear and tear on the tire.  Gum edging is also applied in some tire specifications to textile body ply material. 

“It’s a small component that has big ramifications for the industry,” said Bob Irwin, Steelastic’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  

Benefits of Gum Edging on Steel Belts 


The gum layer’s main purpose is to provide a surface to which the tire’s outer rubber layers can adhere. This ensures a strong bond between the steel belts and the rubber, which is crucial for the structural integrity and performance of the tire. 


The gum layer helps protect the steel belts from corrosion, abrasion, and other forms of damage. This is particularly important in ensuring the longevity and durability of the tire, especially in harsh operating conditions. 

Smooth Transition 

The gum layer provides a smooth transition between the steel belts and the rubber tread, reducing stress concentrations and improving the overall ride comfort and handling characteristics of the tire. 

The Future is Now  

Steelastic’s Hot & Cold Gum Edging system has been continually enhanced over the last ten years and provides unrivalled quality, flexibility and operability to leading tire manufacturers globally.  

Tire plants can incorporate Steelastic’s gum edging systems into their current extrusion lines or specify them when buying new extrusion-based tire component manufacturing equipment. This allows tire manufacturers to keep pace with modern tire manufacturing trends as the tire industry continues to evolve.  

Reach Out to the Tire Experts  

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your tires, explore Steelatic’s gum edging systems. To visit our facilities and see our gum edging systems in action, contact us today.