5 Ways Steelastic Provides Post-Sale Support

Steelastic employees training in tire component production

Steelastic is your partner for tire component manufacturing equipment. Our breakthrough process has reinvented traditional tire component production.  

But our partnership with our customers extends well beyond the sale of equipment. To optimize your performance and maximize your investment, we offer a range of after-sale services and support, including field service, machine audits, a preventative maintenance program, upgrades and retrofits and aftermarket parts.  

If you need industrial equipment maintenance for your tire component manufacturing systems, you can count on Steelastic.  

1. Field Service

Our field service brings our service team, and their unparalleled knowledge of Steelastic equipment, to you. We help you reach peak performance with specific recommendations for your machines regarding upgrades and preventative maintenance. Having a Steelastic field service technician onsite is convenient, and we can handle:  

  • Start-up commissioning 
  • Relocation 
  • Comprehensive diagnostics 
  • Training 

Find out how Steelastic field service can help you stay productive.

2. Machine Audits 

Steelastic is uniquely suited to provide machine audits for our equipment. After all, we’re the only manufacturer of genuine Steelastic parts. With our machine audits, we offer recommendations on ways to: 

  • Increase your efficiency 
  • Lower production costs 
  • Maximize quality  
  • Extend the lifespan of your tire component machinery 

When Steelastic technicians inspect your machinery, we give you a detailed evaluation of critical components, identify critical spare parts to avoid downtime, and make specific recommendations to improve the performance of your machine. We also offer skilled operation and maintenance training to upskill your team and ensure best practices are embedded.  

Get your machine audits scheduled today.

3. Preventative Maintenance Optimization Program (PMOP) 

What is PMOP? PMOP stands for Preventative Maintenance Program, and it’s an economical way to assure the highest performance for the life of your tire component manufacturing equipment.  

Your preventative maintenance program is based on recommendations specific for your machinery that are made by our field service engineers during our machine audits. This means your preventative maintenance program will fit your exact needs.  

With PMOP from Steelastic, you get regularly scheduled visits and proactive maintenance from our field service technicians, including: 

  • Forecasted maintenance costs per machine 
  • Downtime reduction 
  • Fixed service pricing for the term of the contract 
  • Extended life of equipment 
  • Documented service history 

Talk to us about PMOP and start to see the benefits of manufacturing equipment maintenance from Steelastic.

4. Upgrades, Retrofits and Rebuilds  

We build Steelastic machines to last, and upgrades, retrofits and rebuilds help make that happen. We offer several packaged upgrades that enhance flexibility, automation, traceability and efficiency.  

You’ll find component upgrades such as our cooling drum accumulator, strip gauge monitoring system, pressure follower controller, automatic belt width adjustment tooling and 360-degree bead apex inspection system.  

We can also provide customized solutions that extend the lifespan of your machinery, whether you need a single-module retrofit or a full-system rebuild.  

Steelastic systems are built to last, and with our upgrades, retrofits and rebuilds, you have a cost-effective way to further extend the life of your machinery.

5. Steelastic Parts 

If you need parts for your tire component manufacturing equipment, you want genuine Steelastic parts. We can help you stock the right number of critical spares, so you handle both preventative and breakdown maintenance as effectively as possible.  

Critical spares and recommended parts help keep your stockroom efficient, so you can quickly replace high-wear items without losing productivity. When you partner with Steelastic, you stay optimized and reduce downtime.  

We can even design and manufacture semi-custom parts for your systems. 

Get genuine Steelastic parts for your machinery. 

Get the Support You Need for Tire Component Production 

If you want support for your tire component equipment after the sale, talk to Steelastic. We’re your partners through the lifetime of your machinery, and we’re ready to help you optimize your ROI.