The Future of Steelastic’s Lead Time Investment

Dear Valued Customer, 

As we push into 2023, the economy continues to present a wide variety of issues, including labor shortages and manufacturing stress from supply chain disruption. Compounding these issues are headwinds from inflation concerns, geopolitical tension, and the continuation of Covid-19 variants and restrictions. This year marks year 3 of supply/demand being negatively impacted by outside variables. However, The Steelastic Company has been working diligently to establish mitigation plans to minimize these obstacles. The measures taken thus far include supply base enhancement as well as placing significant investment into our internal production capabilities.   

Investment and Opportunity: 

  • New in 2023, we plan to purchase a large HD vertical machining center. This substantial investment is for all E-Die parts and will increase our production capabilities by running multiple die parts at the same time. Our intention is to engage in customer stocking plans to support lead time reduction. 
  • Additionally, we plan to dedicate two machines for producing only NAIB’s (Nose Angle Insert Bodies): An 80” vertical machining center and an 8’ CNC router.   
  • We have updated our lathes and VMCs, and in late 2023, we intend to purchase an additional large HD vertical machining center, to machine die tooling. This will shorten lead times, improve uptime, as well as support new product development. 

With these considerable purchases, Steelastic is poised to address our customer’s production and product development requirements. 

I’m excited to announce that our team has worked diligently to reduce lead times for the following products:  

Beginning in February 2023:  

  • FORMING ROLLS & DRIVE RINGS:    Reduced from 12 weeks to 8 weeks 
  • PVC & ALUMINUM NAIB CELL:  Reduced from 10 weeks to to 6 weeks 
  • THROATS & INSERTS: Reduced from 10 weeks to 6 weeks 

We believe these improvements are a testament to our ongoing service and support commitment for our customers. 

In addition, we continue to upgrade our Customer Service and Field Service departments. Since In 2022, Steelastic hired three additional Field Service Technicians. These additions further demonstrate our commitment to support our customers in the field, providing more availability for operator training, machine audits and preventative maintenance programs to drive our customers’ success.    

Steelastic is willing and open to have discussions related to spare parts stocking programs for customers who will require that service. 

Thank you for your patronage and support.  

Matthew W. Barlett signature

Matthew W. Barlett
Aftermarket Sales Manager
The Steelastic Company