Frustrated by Failed Gum Edging?

A steel belt tire that uses Steelastic’s gum edging system to prevent friction.

In recent years, tire manufacturers have been required to include a gum edge on their tires. This gum edge helps protect the steel belt within the tire and improves the bond between the layers that make up its components. When the gum edge fails, you’re left with two things: friction and frustration. In this blog, we’ll explore the problems that steel belt tire friction can cause and what you can do about them.

Problems with Failed Gum Edging

At Steelastic, we understand the critical nature of tire components and their impact on safety. When your gum edging fails, you’re sure to deal with the following problems.

Friction & Heat

Radial tires are known for their steel belts and stability. But sometimes, the layers within the radial tires can cause friction. When the layers of a radial tire create friction, it causes heat … something nearly every tire manufacturer detests.

Friction is often assumed to result in tread separation, one of the most serious types of tire failures. However, it is important to clarify that tread separation occurs when the two steel belts within a tire separate from each other. This type of separation is not a result of friction.


When the adhesive bond between the layers of a tire becomes weak or fails, it can cause delamination. This is one of the possible results when gum edging fails and friction occurs. Delamination can have serious consequences, such as a sudden loss of tire pressure, increased risk of rolling and loss of control. This not only affects the overall performance and lifespan of the tire but also poses a significant safety hazard to drivers and passengers.

Stretched Gum Edging

High temperatures can cause tire gum edging to stretch, leading to damage in the tire’s layers, including the steel belts, body plies and rubber liner. This damage can compromise the tire’s structural integrity and performance, which is why it is crucial to address this issue proactively. Keep reading to find out how.

Steelastic’s Solution

At Steelastic, we focus on creating tire manufacturing solutions that will set you up for success. Our Extruded Steel Belt System will help give you the edge you need to take the lead in manufacturing high-quality tires.

Eliminate Belt Stretch

Our innovative, speed-matching servo control technology ensures alignment between the speed of the gum edging placement and the movement of the belt. This reduces the risk of belt stretch and angle deviations during the gum edging application process. With the servo control’s synchronized speed, you can ensure the consistent production of high-quality tires.

Increase Accuracy

In manufacturing, accuracy is the key to achieving high-quality results. That’s why we’ve developed our gum edging system with adjustable, automatic guides to guarantee the gum edging strip is placed precisely where it needs to be in the tire manufacturing process. This precision placement of the gum edging helps drive consistent quality.

Enhance Efficiency

At Steelastic, we design our tire manufacturing equipment to help set you up for success. This is reflected in our industry-leading wrap station that efficiently wraps the layers of the tire and reinforces and secures the structure. This further ensures a high-quality and durable tire.

Easy Setup

We understand that time is everything. That’s why we make it easy to integrate or replace your gum edging system with Steelastic’s equipment so you can get your tire production line up and running in no time.

Learn More About Steelastic’s Gum Edging System

Do you have questions about our Gum Edging System or our entire Extruded Steel Belt System? The Steelastic team is dedicated to supporting you with the answers and information you need. We’re here to provide you with the tire technology to move you forward. Contact us today.