Providing Top Advancements in the OTR Industry 

Steelastic equipment offers rubber track capabilities for agricultural, mining, construction and other OTR applications.

As 2024 shifts into gear, the off-the-road (OTR) tire industry is adjusting rapidly to keep up with trends in construction, mining, agriculture and more. Post-pandemic supply chain concerns are being smoothed out, construction projects are poised to take off under new infrastructure funding and global developments in mining and aggregate production are all leading to renewed demand for OTR tires.  

At Steelastic, our extensive experience in the OTR industry enables us to provide the tire manufacturing solutions you need to stay nimble and deliver the kind of value-driven tires and services your customers are looking for. Recently, our rubber extrusion equipment has provided OTR manufacturers with greater flexibility than ever before as they pivot to provide new offerings in addition to their standard lines.  

Key Advancement: Rubber Track Capabilities

One of our top advancements has been for the Track segment of the OTR industry. The flexibility of the extrusion process we offer is a big benefit to these producers: tire production can switch from a 14” PCR tire to a 10’ OTR tire and back again according to demand.  On the same 50” system OTR track customers can make a large variety of custom products.

Ideal for high-SKU, low-volume production, our equipment preserves changeability and superior quality while producing less waste and minimal downtime, keeping costs low.   

Tire to Track and Back Again

With the OTR market expected to reach $11.7 billion by 2027 (5.5% CAGR from 2022 to 2027) the Track segment is seeing an uptick in demand as well.

Whether it’s a John Deere tractor or a tunnel boring machine, rubber tracks provide adaptability for terrain as well as for different loads. They’re increasingly popular, as end-users prefer the low ground compaction they offer as well as reduced load transfer and greater float over fields or farms.

But agility is key when you need to handle the different elements of rubber track as well as large (8- to 10-foot) OTR tires. Traditional calendered systems take up a huge footprint and require cumbersome off-line processing as well.

With Steelastic’s revolutionary calenderless equipment, you can be flexible in what you produce. Our process is perfect for OTR tire manufacturers that need a production system that can adapt to their needs. With our rubber extrusion-based process, you can reduce waste and save money while ensuring the highest level of conformity and quality, no matter what type of tire or component you’re producing.

Partner with the OTR Experts

The OTR industry is poised for growth, so don’t miss out on capitalizing on the opportunity. Partner with Steelastic, the OTR equipment manufacturing expert, for industry-leading capabilities, innovative solutions and extensive OTR experience that will keep you in line with the latest advancements in the industry.   

Schedule a conversation to see how we can help you adapt, extend, or replace your line to offer the in-demand products the OTR industry needs and enjoy a new path to profitability.