STEELASTIC® 12 Station Cap Strip Machine Available for Immediate Sale

Following successful development trials and customer demonstrations in late 2018, STEELASTIC has a fully commissioned 12-station extruded textile cap strip machine available for immediate sale.  The equipment will be priced to reflect its lightly-used nature and to attract a quick sale to create floor space for other contracted machine builds in 2019.

Equipment features include:

  • Two 152-Pin Textile Creels (4 rows)
  • Strand Gatherer
  • Slide-Out Eyelet Board
  • Stock Puller with Metal Detector
  • 3.5” (90mm) Smooth Barrel RMS Extruder complete with 4-Zone Budzar TCU
  • 8” E Die with 3.5” (90mm) Screen Changer
  • Strip Width & Gauge Monitoring System
  • Cooling Drum Stand (7 Drums)
  • Accumulator with 40m of accumulation
  • 12-Station Cap Ply Wind-Up
  • Safety guarding, light curtains, and interlock gating
  • Allen Bradley controls and HMI (GuardLogix)
  • Full cord encapsulation (no exposed or cut cords)
  • 40 meters per minute line speed
  • Tension-controlled winding

Any customer willing to explore purchasing this machine should contact as soon as possible as interest is expected to be high.