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Image shows a calenderless, extrusion-based tire production system.

Calenderless Tire Manufacturing: A Calendering Machine Alternative

For years, calenders and offline processing equipment have been the most popular method in the tire industry for manufacturing reinforced tire components such as steel belt/breaker, body ply and cap strip. But the needs of today’s tire manufacturers are different. Read this blog to explore the benefits of calenderless, extrusion-based tire manufacturing.
Learn about a calendering alternative

Image shows a traditional calendering system for tire manufacturing and a calenderless, extrusion-based tire production system.

TCO: The Cost of Calender vs. Calenderless Tire Manufacturing

A capital investment in tire manufacturing equipment is no small purchase. Whether you’re just starting a tire production business or upgrading your equipment, read this blog to explore the TCO, or total cost of ownership, of calender equipment vs calenderless equipment. 
Compare the TCO of Tire Manufacturing Equipment