New Generation of STEELASTIC® Extruded Steel Belt System Gets First Sales

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH – Almost two years ago, the Steelastic Company embarked on an exciting long-term strategy to develop a range of machines for the smaller, more flexible, high-efficiency tire plants of the future.  In February 2018, this strategy produced its first major new piece of equipment with the launch of the Steelastic Next Generation Extruded Steel Belt Machine at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover, Germany.

The Tire Technology launch was quickly followed in May 2018 by the first sale of two Next Generation Extruded Steel Belt Systems to Finland-based premium tire manufacturer Nokian, for its greenfield factory under construction in Dayton, Tennessee.  When it comes on-line, this new plant will have a capacity of four million car and light truck all-season tires per year, with room for further expansion.

Long a user of Steelastic extruded steel belt equipment, Nokian Tyres was delighted to be the first customer to purchase the new system, which features increased productivity and ultra-fast changeovers along with an intelligent ‘closed-loop’ inspection system which initiates automatic adjustments to keep the finished product on specification every time.  The single-operator systems take material from creel to wind-up in one single process, thus eliminating the need for large and expensive steel calendering and offline cutting/splicing equipment.

Steelastic President Ian Dennis said, “This is exactly the kind of smaller, highly efficient and flexible plant whose challenges we are determined to meet.  This sale represents an important milestone for our business as we position ourselves to be a key supplier to the tire manufacturers of tomorrow.”  He added, “Further exciting developments in textile body ply and apex are currently in progress and will be launched to market in the next two years.”

Steelastic systems have long been industry leaders in producing extruded components for tire manufacturers.  The next generation of Steelastic machines, just now coming to market, are targeted at the emerging requirement for smaller capacity, more efficient, and flexible tire plants.

For more information on the next generation of Steelastic manufacturing systems, contact: Steelastic, One Vision Lane, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223, USA.  Call (330) 633-0505