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STEELASTIC® Introduces Combo Belt & Body Ply Machine


CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH – Nov. 6, 2019. STEELASTIC, the world leader in extrusion-based systems for manufacturing tire reinforcing components, has introduced its new Combo Belt & Body Ply Machine. This combination machine, originally developed for STEELASTIC’s own Calenderless Manufacturing Cell, can switch from running steel belt / breaker material to textile or steel body ply in a matter of minutes. The combo machine shares a common extrusion, cooling and accumulation system, with separate cutting and splicing lines for belt / breaker and body ply. Material is produced in one, end-to-end process, from creel to wind-up, eliminating the need for expensive calendering and off-line processing operations.


“We wanted to make it easy for tire manufacturers to try our calenderless manufacturing process, using their own materials, with the finished product produced to their exact specifications,” said Ian Dennis, STEELASTIC President. “To achieve this, we invested in our groundbreaking Calenderless Manufacturing Cell incorporating our new generation of highly flexible Belt and Body Ply machines. This combination machine format is very attractive to tire manufacturers, particularly for R&D facilities, where smaller batch sizes and regular SKU changes are the norm.”


The new STEELASTIC® Combo Belt & Body Ply Machine is custom-designed for every application and can even be adapted to add extruded textile cap strip manufacture. The basic set-up includes creels for steel or textile reinforcement cords, which feed into a cross head extrusion die where the cords are fully encapsulated in rubber. The material then passes through a cooling and accumulation unit, before being processed in either the belt / breaker or the body ply machines, and then wound with liner on an in-line wind-up system. In-line hot or cold gum edging of the steel belt can also be added if needed. The machine is operated by a single operator to minimize operational cost.


For more information about the STEELASTIC® Combo Belt & Body Ply Machine, call us today at +1-330-633-0505 or email at sales@steelastic.com. www.steelastic.com.



Founded in 1970, The STEELASTIC Co., LLC is the leading designer and manufacturer of extrusion-based systems for manufacturing belt, cap strip, inner liner, and apex components for passenger, truck, bus, off road, aircraft and motorcycle tires. STEELASTIC is the fuel behind the “Go Calenderless” revolution in the tire making industry, allowing tiremakers to now profitably manufacture shorter runs of multiple SKUs. Today, STEELASTIC has over 900 systems operating in more than 55 countries around the world. STEELASTIC has been owned by Heico Companies LLC since 1998. Chicago-based Heico is a privately held, WBENC-certified business with a portfolio of more than 50 companies worldwide representing engineered components, specialty equipment, construction and industrial services and steel products.


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STEELASTIC® 12 Station Cap Strip Machine Available for Immediate Sale

Following successful development trials and customer demonstrations in late 2018, STEELASTIC has a fully commissioned 12-station extruded textile cap strip machine available for immediate sale.  The equipment will be priced to reflect its lightly-used nature and to attract a quick sale to create floor space for other contracted machine builds in 2019.

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STEELASTIC® Introduces “Calenderless” Manufacturing Cell

Calenderless Manufacturing CellCUYAHOGA FALLS, OH – Sept.25, 2019. STEELASTIC has built a Calenderless Manufacturing Cell in its Akron area facility to enable tire manufacturers to test run their own materials to produce the full range of tire reinforcement components. STEELASTIC’s extrusion-based manufacturing processes for belt/breaker, body ply, cap strip and inner liner eliminate the need for expensive and inflexible calendering and off-line processing equipment.

The compact, single-operator machines used in this cell have been developed in response to a growing demand for more flexible, highly automated and lower capital outlay manufacturing systems. “This dedicated manufacturing cell is a key component of our drive to help manufacturers, worldwide, convert to more versatile, smaller footprint systems, necessary to profitably manufacture shorter runs of multiple tire types,” said Ian Dennis, STEELASTIC President.

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STEELASTIC® Names Dawnsun to India Sales and Service Team

Steelastic- India - Dawnsun

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH: The STEELASTIC Co., LLC, a leading manufacturer of extrusion-based machinery for producing reinforcing components for tires, has added Dawnsun Exim Corp. to their worldwide sales and service team. Dawnsun will be responsible for STEELASTIC equipment sales, machine upgrades and customer service in India, as well as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This is a rapidly growing area for tire manufacturing, and STEELASTIC President, Ian Dennis, noted Dawnsun’s excellent relationships with all the major tire manufacturers in India, and their reputation for knowledgeable and customer-attentive representation in the area. Dawnsun represented STEELASTIC equipment many years ago and works with STEELASTIC’s sister company, Bartell Machinery. With STEELASTIC introducing a new generation of extrusion-based component manufacturing machines and a variety of high-productivity machine upgrades, the time was right to renew the relationship with Dawnsun.

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STEELASTIC® Adds Tradequest to Latin American Sales and Service Team

Steelastic Tradequest PartnerCUYAHOGA FALLS, OH: Steelastic, Inc., a leading manufacturer of extrusion-based machinery for producing reinforcing components for tires, has added Tradequest, Inc. to their sales and service team in Latin America. According to Ian Dennis, Steelastic President, “Adding Tradequest is an important part of our efforts to develop long-lasting versatile solutions for tire manufacturers, world-wide, looking to increase the versatility and profitability of their manufacturing operations.”

Steelastic sought a partner in Latin America to work with manufacturers making sure their tire equipment remained as productive as possible. As Mr. Dennis stated, “Our mission is to keep Steelastic equipment in the field operating at maximum efficiency by ensuring customers know about new innovations to improve capability and operability. Tradequest’s ability to assist customers with equipment acquisitions, maintenance and upgrading was as attractive to us as our manufacturing systems are to them.”

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STEELASTIC® Exhibiting at TireTech 2019, Halls 19/20/21, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany – 5th to 7th March 2019

STEELASTIC will be launching its game-changing Extruded Textile Body Ply capability featuring its proven precision splicing technology at TireTech 2019. This follows the successful launch of its highly automated, closed-loop controlled, Next Generation Extruded Steel Belt machine at TireTech 2018. The introduction of extruded textile body ply capability is the final piece in the puzzle to make the lower volume, highly flexible, ‘calenderless’ tire plant of the future a reality. Come visit Booth #8014 to see how our range of tire component preparation equipment is changing the future of tire manufacturing forever.

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STEELASTIC® @ India Rubber Expo – 17th to 19th January 2019

STEELASTIC will be participating in the upcoming India Rubber Expo trade show in Mumbai on January 17th, 18th and 19th 2019.  Evan Smith will be attending the show along with our India sales agent Mr. VM Kulkarni of Pelmar Engineering.  We will be exhibiting in the Pelmar Engineering Booth No. H-002.  It is expected that most of the major tire companies in India will be attending this show, including Apollo, MRF, CEAT, TVS, JK Tyre, BKT, ATG and others.

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Cooperative Education Programs are at the Core of Instilling and Maintaining a Culture of Engineering Excellence

Here at the STEELASTIC Company, we are in the business of engineering and manufacturing custom, automated systems that produce tire and heavy equipment track components. To date, we have delivered over 900 of these systems which are operating in more than 55 countries around the globe.

Our multi-disciplined engineering team’s challenges are broad. In the production pipeline, these include customizing our base technology; in order to produce the customer’s unique components, interface with their downstream process, as well as, conform to their available footprint and other unique localized requirements. Driven by our “big picture” planning process, we additionally face the mission of continually improving, differentiating, and expanding our equipment offerings. Amplifying the difficulty of these challenges is the inherent, non-linear nature of the rubber that our systems process. This material’s property impedes our ability to simulate system performance, upfront in the design process, thus forcing us to rely heavily on the practical experience of our engineers and technicians, as well as, subsequent empirical testing and debugging.

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New Generation of STEELASTIC® Extruded Steel Belt System Gets First Sales

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH – Almost two years ago, the Steelastic Company embarked on an exciting long-term strategy to develop a range of machines for the smaller, more flexible, high-efficiency tire plants of the future.  In February 2018, this strategy produced its first major new piece of equipment with the launch of the Steelastic Next Generation Extruded Steel Belt Machine at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover, Germany.

The Tire Technology launch was quickly followed in May 2018 by the first sale of two Next Generation Extruded Steel Belt Systems to Finland-based premium tire manufacturer Nokian, for its greenfield factory under construction in Dayton, Tennessee.  When it comes on-line, this new plant will have a capacity of four million car and light truck all-season tires per year, with room for further expansion.

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