Calenderless Tire Manufacturing

A Calendering Machine Alternative

This image shows a Steelastic rubber extrusion system that provides the basis for calenderless tire manufacturing.

For years, calenders and offline processing equipment have been the most popular method in the tire industry for manufacturing reinforced tire components such as steel belt/breaker, body ply and cap strip. In traditional manufacturing applications there was good reason for this choice: manufacturers can produce a large quantity of tires quickly.  

However, today’s tire manufacturers face new challenges. As tire varieties increase, tire manufacturers need more flexibility to meet their customers’ demand. They need efficient solutions that enable them to respond quickly to their customers’ needs. This is where the calenderless tire manufacturing revolution comes into play.

What is Calenderless Tire Manufacturing?

Calenderless tire manufacturing is a new approach to tire manufacturing, utilizing high quality rubber extruder systems to create key tire components such as belt and breaker, body ply, cap strip and more.

At Steelastic, we are proud to be at the forefront of this calenderless tire manufacturing revolution. In fact, we’ve been delivering state-of-the-art calenderless tire component preparation technology for more than 50 years.

Discover the Calenderless Advantage

Unlike the traditional calenderbased tire manufacturing equipment, this innovative process offers several significant advantages that can revolutionize tire manufacturing.

Increased Flexibility

One of the primary benefits of calenderless tire manufacturing is the hugely increased flexibility it provides. When manufacturers use calenderless tire technology, they have shorter production runs, making it easier to adapt to changing market demands. This also allows tire manufacturers to produce different tire variations without the need for extensive re-tooling or calibration adjustments. This level of flexibility allows tire companies to quickly introduce new SKUs and meet specific customer requirements without sacrificing production speed or quality.

Increased Quality

Calenderless tire manufacturing is truly revolutionizing the tire industry, not only for its enhanced flexibility, but also for its exceptional quality. The calenderless approach utilizes a rubber extrusion system, which provides superior precision and accuracy in tire component placement, ultimately resulting in superior performance on the roads. 

Additionally, calenderless tire manufacturing minimizes the risk of human error and increases overall accuracy in tire production. By implementing automated systems and advanced technologies, manufacturers can achieve higher precision and consistency in every tire component, leading to improved product quality and reduced waste. 

Decreased Cost

Calenderless tire manufacturing offers cost savings for tire manufacturers in multiple ways. Apart from reduced capital expense, calenderless tire manufacturing also contributes to operational cost savings. Shorter production cycles and faster changeovers result in higher efficiency, allowing tire manufacturers to meet market demands without the need for excessive inventory stocking. Additionally, the reduction in wastage due to improved accuracy and consistency further optimizes cost-effectiveness. 

Read this blog to explore a total cost comparison between calendering and calenderless tire manufacturing equipment.

Try Before You Buy

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