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STEELASTIC® “Calenderless” Tire Manufacturing Cell

extruded belt and body ply combination machineCUYAHOGA FALLS, OH – Three years ago, The Steelastic Company embarked on an exciting strategy to develop a range of tire component machines for the smaller, more flexible, high-efficiency tire plants of the future. In February 2019, Steelastic introduced its second major new piece of tire component equipment in 12 months with the launch of the Steelastic Extruded Textile Body Ply System at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover, Germany.

Our single-operator, ultra fast changeover systems take material from creel to wind-up in one single process, eliminating the need for large and expensive steel and textile calendering and offline cutting/splicing equipment, while helping to provide market leading flexibility, traceability and performance.

Steelastic systems have long been industry leaders in producing extruded tire components for tire manufacturers. Our extruded textile body ply machine utilizes unique precision splicing technology along with our high accuracy cord placement to create superior body ply material.

Our extruded textile body ply technology completes our range of “calenderless” component preparation equipment to meet all reinforcement and inner line material requirements of modern tire manufacturing.

extruded steel belt textile body ply machine

Steelastic invites you to schedule trials on our in-house, dedicated “calenderless” equipment. Take the extruded “calenderless” material you produce here back to your tire plant, build tires, and validate the materials yourself. We have and an Extruded Steel Belt / Extruded Textile Body Ply combination machine and an Extruded Textile Cap Ply machine in house on which to conduct trials and produce tire building ready materials. Contact gocalenderless@steelastic.com or +1 (330) 633-0505 for more information.