The Disc & Bar Belt System

The Steelastic® disc & bar cutting systems are designed to convert calendered steel or textile cord into premium quality breaker and body ply material for use in passenger car radial (PCR), truck & bus radial (TBR), and off-the-road (OTR) tires.

These systems are designed to your specific needs and can be configured with numerous letoff and windup systems, inspection and quality control systems, and various automated features. The disc type cutting design is a highly efficient production process that produces a superior quality cut edge, and reduces down time for blade changes and maintenance when compared with full beam type cutting systems.

Steelastic® Disc & Bar System Advantages

Superior cut quality with less pull back and exposed cords
Blade change over time is less than guillotine type systems
The system design allows less maintenance
Less overall system downtime
No major foundation or civil work required
No isolation pads required for use with the system