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Enhanced Automation & Control Systems

Over the years Steelastic® engineering has developed numerous automated features and systems which remove any operator influence on the final product and can greatly improve both quality and productivity.

Gauging & Measurement

From material thickness and splice quality to rubber temperature and belt angle, our belt systems can be supplied with a variety of in-process inspection and control systems.

Data Acquisition Systems

These systems can be set up to collect and analyze any data being generated by the belt system. This data can then be exported or even interfaced directly with your facilities production monitoring system.

Gum Edge Systems

The Steelastic® hot gum edge system extrudes gum material directly onto the belt in-line with the belt making system, which improves gum edge placement and quality while reducing the operating cost. We also offer more traditional cold gum edge systems.

Material Windup Systems

We offer a variety of windup options depending on your material, processes, and other requirements.

Accumulator Systems

These devices allow for angle and tooling changes without the need to stop and restart the extrusion process, reducing downtime and scrap.

Extruder & Die Enhancements

From screen changers to filter the rubber before entering the die to feed hopper alarms, we can supply numerous systems and features to help make your process more robust.

Creel & Creel Loading Systems

With the expertise to supply both steel and textile creels we can also provide cord break detection systems, powered creels, braking systems, and loading systems.