Nominal Bead Ranges:
(Inside Diameter)
  • 12" (304.8mm) to 24" (609.6mm)
Apex Size*:
  • Base....0.157"(4.0mm) to 0.335" (8.5mm)
  • Altitude....0.472"(12.0mm) to 2.500" (64.0mm)
Apex Shape:
  • Vertical or up to 20° from vertical
Extruder Size:
  • 2.5" or 3.5" cold feed type
Approx. Cycle Time:
  • <8 to 12 seconds (Dependent upon bead diameter, apex height, apex cross section, and compound properties)
Loading System:
  • Manual or automatic
Unloading System:
  • Manual or automatic
  • Horizontal or vertical stacked w/ plastic separators
Electrical System:
  • Input voltage of 460VAC @ 60Hz or 380VAC @ 50 Hz
*Notes: Notes: Optional taller altitude available upon request.

Standard System Layout & Components

Mouse over the system layout for Component Description

Accumulator & Cooling System

This system cools and allows the apex/filler profile to extrude at a constant rate which provides a highly consistent profile and yields unmatched adhesion to the bead and splice repeatability.

Apex Application System

Precision application, robust stitching of the apex/filler to both sides of the bead, and a tightly controlled splicing system are all features that make Steelastic the world leader in bead apexing systems.

Automatic Bead Loader

The bead loader accumulator provides about 45 minutes of unattended operation. Beads are loaded on the accumulator by the operator and automatically loaded into the apex system.

Extruder, Die & TCU

Apex systems are typically supplied with 90mm extruders and 4 zone TCU. The quick clamping die head design facilitates fast profile changes.

System Electrical

Allen Bradley is our standard control platform, but we have expertise to design your system using Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi, Beckhoff, etc.

Auto Unloading Systems

From conveyor style systems as shown below to gantry type unloaders to more versatile robotic systems we can supply an unloading system to fit your tire building process.