The Automatic Apex Application System

Developed specifically to improve tire uniformity and lower production costs the Steelastic apex application system automatically extrudes, forms and applies the rubber apex profile onto the outside periphery of a tire bead. This highly automated system can be configured to your specific loading, unloading and overall system layout requirements.

With the ability to handle a bead diameter range of 12 to 24 inches the system is highly flexible and is designed to handle quick changeovers of bead construction, bead diameter, apex geometry, and compound. The result being the ultimate in quality, versatility and efficiency.

Steelastic® Apex System Advantages

Product Quality:
Stitches both sides of the apex and applies significant downward force producing superior adhesion to the bead
Tightly controlled and consistent process yields unmatched splice repeatability
High degree of product consistency means less scrap and improved tire uniformity
Cycle times from 12 to less than 8 seconds
Only one operator required to run each system
The same tooling can handle multiple bead sizes
Customizable system that can handle any bead construction
System can produce straight, angled or curved apex profiles
Product unloading can be configured to your needs
Relatively small footprint that requires no special foundations
Proven Process:
Over 60 systems in operation worldwide